Where is Axis Bank Headed in Short Term and How to benefit from the trend

I have been long and Still long on Axis Bank and have a initiated a position in the stock on  28-Oct-15 when the price was 489 Rs. I have been averaging the stock and have enjoyed the ride to all time high of 630 Rs. The ride has been phenomenal in the last one year and the stock is now regularly breaking its  key support levels. I want to make the best use of the trend and profit out of the situation.

The Trend:

Things have not been going good for stock recently and the stock is down 30% from the highs of 07-Sep-2016. The bank is caught battling

  • higher  stress from the earlier disclosed watch list ,
  • low morale of the staff because of few corrupt bank staff involvement in demonetization fraud
  • increased stress on book due to demonetization in short term
  • bad sentiments because of BrExit,Trump and lower GDP growth in India
  • Fed interest hike, leading to record flight of capital from Indian debt & equity markets
  • possible loan waiver in 2017 Indian Budget

The charts are also suggesting further lows for the stock. I am coming to conclusion that the the stock is going to test its 52 Week Low soon

What are options available for me :

  • Do a rupee averaging of the stock
  • Learn Options quickly and maximize my profit by shorting (I do not know ABC of Options)…sometime you got to run before you learn to walk
  • Sell my holding and buy when the stock is at the bottom (Timing the market is next to impossible for novice like me)

Help me out with your thoughts and suggestions.

Wishing all you a Happy Christmas and Prosperous New Year.


Where is Axis Bank Headed in Short Term and How to benefit from the trend